RF Projects

DTs, Planning, etc.

We undertake the following tasks for RF projects:

  1. RF Optimization
    We design and commission RF optimization solutions to meet Network Quality, Capacity and Availability KPIs; Installation of feeder, and tower auxiliary equipment like grounding and lightening protection system; Implementation of Optimization works that involve change of antenna heights, azimuths and tilts etc; Cable reorganization and power upgrades to ensure additional equipment is accommodated in existing BTS shelter; Power balancing and installation of micro BTS and site audits.
  2. Drive Tests
    RF drive tests to collect network statistics on quality, levels and handovers; Pre and post optimization drive tests; Analysis of DT provided as an additional service, optimization drive tests using TEMS equipment
  3. RF Planning
    GSM/[DGE nominal cell planning for coverage and capacity, site surveys and rollout; RF field surveys (confirmation of site location, verification of population distribution, antenna space verification on the towers, availability of power checks, and space availability in the shelter among others)
  4. Frequency Planning
    Measurement based and none measurement based GSM frequency planning to enhance spectral usage and reduce interference.
  5. In-building coverage rollouts
    Includes design, supply, installation, commissioning of in-building solutions for improvement of indoor signals and QoS; Designs using both coaxial cable and Fiber Distributed Antenna System for both 2G and 3G.

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